Original Love Notes™

The sweetest things for the folks you’re sweet on.

Everyone Loves Original Love Notes™! Easily sneak these secret little notes into bags, lunches, purses, and more to make someone’s day special with a surprise message of love!

Original Love Notes™ are available in nine awesome Collections, so there’s surely a mood and message to suit most any fancy on any day of the year. Each pack contains 20 unique cards, each with a sweet, handwritten-style  message or doodle. They are printed on heavyweight, premium, eco-sourced cardstock paper. Also included is a list of hints and tips on how to really have fun with Original Love Notes™.

Looking for clever ideas on where to hide these little notes? We’ve thought of a few and listed them right here. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for more ideas on how to use Original Love Notes™ to make your special people feel extra special.

Tell your favorite people how much you love them – it makes everyone feel awesome.
(made with ♥)

He's saved every Original Love Note that I've given him in the back of the frame of our wedding photo. *melt*
I look at the Original Love Note my husband has given me every day.
Brilliant in its simplicity. Thank you for making my wife smile so much and think it's from me.
I sneak them into cards and packages for my hubby in the Navy. He says he always keeps his favorite one in his pocket.
They're simple and sweet, just like my sweetie and me!
These are way easier to use for saying certain things. I am a man of few words, and these actually help me get things across.
I put them in birthday cards for my grandkids, who like to be reminded that they are 100% AWESOME!
She keeps one in her wallet “in case I ever forget to tell her.”
Original Love Notes makes lovely poetry out of my emotions which are really like: OMG I'm totally crazy in love with you holy cow like a billion percent, a lot! lol
Best. Surprises. Ever.
Original Love Notes says the things I wish I thought of to say.
The Original Love Notes were kind of a bigger hit than the gold necklace I gave her for our anniversary.
Love this idea! I'm putting them in the ribbons of all my wrapped gifts!
I wish I could say things as cute and clever as these handy little notes!
OMG these are 100% adorbs!! Love Original Love Notes!
I want to tell her I love her 10,000 times a day. Original Love Notes keeps me in check to not appear quite as obsessive.
I love that I can use them any time, any day! Yay for love! My family loves them!
Original Love Notes say: Im crazy about you. Here's proof you can hold.