Hints & Tips

These little notes are adorable, but what to do with them remains the ever-answered question as folks all over the world put on their sweet n sneaky hats in an effort to surprise their special someone with an awesome little note of adoration.

We’ve compiled some ideas here, but please be sure to link up with us on Facebook and Instagram for Original Love Notes™ hints from everyone everywhere!

  • Slip one underneath a laptop, mouse, or keyboard. 
  • Place one in lunchboxes, purses, briefcases, or wallets. 
  • Hide one in the socks and undies drawer.
  • Stow one in a luggage pocket or backpack.
  • Put one between the pages of a notepad, book, magazine, or newspaper.
  • Tuck one in between letters in the mail.
  • Sneak one into a kitchen or bathroom cabinet.
  • Hide one in the pocket of shirts, jackets, jeans, especially if they’re clothes being packed for travel.
  • Put one in car compartments or glove box.

Any time is a good time for Original Love Notes™ – no special occasion necessary!

Part of the purpose of these little babies is to promote random feelings of love any time at all! Love is a gift. Original Love Notes™ are just a tiny way to show gratitude for such a thing and make someone you care about feel wonderful.

Other Creative and Lovable Uses:

  • Use as a decoration or card for gifts
  • String or frame to creative affirmatively inspiring artwork
  • Embellish your scrapbooking/paper projects with notes of love
  • Prop on top of a cake or cupcake for an extra dose of sweetness